EMT Exam Preparation

Study Time – Provide plenty of time in advance to review. EMT examinations are not something you want to cram for. Create a schedule and create a routine of studying for the EMT exam during this period. Allocate the beginning of every study session when you are most alert to the areas you have a lot of trouble. It’s good practice to study that evening, the content that you discussed that day. If you attend an evening EMT class, review promptly the following morning.

Audio Reviews – Audio Reviews such as those you can use with an MP3 player or play with a CD in your car are a great resource for review. The repetition of concepts and ideas will genuinely fortify what you study while in class and review from your notes and books. These usually are remarkable study resources for all those times when you would normally not be able to study for your EMT exam like traveling, working out, jogging, etc.

Study Sheet – One quite beneficial tool you can create while you review is to sum up and outline the material to be utilized later on as a study sheet. Doing this accomplishes two things; First, it provides you with a fast, overview of your EMT exam material for review at a later time, and by outlining and re-writing your content, it reinforces what you learned that day. Anytime you re-write a concept in your own terms, it really reinforces those principles.

Flashcards – Flashcards do the job quite well, especially when you need to memorize terms or simple concepts such as drug actions, indications and dosages. The use of flashcards will really improve your EMT study time. Not to mention, flashcards printed on notecards are easy to take with you wherever you go so you can make the most of downtime to study such as when you travel, during lunch, etc. When creating your EMT study flashcards, be sure to put them into categories for simple “grab and go” review.

Use Your Instructors – Don’t limit the knowledge of your teacher to merely the amount of time you spend in class. Most course instructors are more than willing to help you outside of class, especially if you happen to be having difficulties with a particular subject. With the EMT exam, it’s very important that you thoroughly comprehend all of the complex subjects that you will be expected to understand for your EMT test.

NREMT Review Groups – This is HUGE! If you don’t currently have a study team together, get one. Keep two points in mind when you are in search of study partners; Those that appear to “Get It” in class and those that live close to you. The first one is obvious. It does you no good to study with individuals that are really struggling unless you feel that by helping these people you yourself will obtain additional expertise which is often the case. They say that if you can explain a concept, then you truly know it. The second is also important. Find people that reside close to you. You will be far more likely to keep a study schedule if you live close to each other as opposed to one of you having to commute an hour or more every time you plan on studying. Also, keep your EMT study sessions to a reasonable quantity of time and have a strategy on what you will review. I prefer 2-3 hours.

Practice Tests – I put Practice Exams last for a reason. While I believe practice assessments can certainly be valuable, I feel that individuals frequently rely on them far too much. Some people take a few practice tests from a book they purchased, do fairly well, and think they’re good. This can really give an individual false hope. I do believe that practice exams are good for aiding to determine the parts you ought to focus your review. With that being said, the most effective way to pass the EMT exam is to simply know your stuff. I believe that merging an effective practice exam with a good audio EMT study guide, flashcards and review sheets are the most useful.

In summary, next to nothing can replace great preparation. Allocate sufficient study time, utilize study groups, flashcards, audio study guides and cheat sheets and then follow up with a practice quiz to find how you are performing.

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